Canvas Irregular Grid Painter
This is a great tool for making pattered maille or maille inlays. The tool takes an image and maps it to a chainmail weave.

The original tool simply named "IGP" was created by a guy who goes by the name of Zlosk, who wrote the application while taking a course in VB.NET. Sadly, due to changes in Windows operating systems over the years certain VB.NET apps became more and more difficult to get running properly with newer versions of Windows. You could get it to work it just often required more tweaking than the average person wanted to do. Still, not many people used the program due to the compatibiliy issues with Windows not to mention that Mac or Linux users could not use it either. I great idea was fading away, falling victim to it's code limitations.

Then along comes a guy named Andrew Ganim who decides to rewrite the program so it runs in a browser. His rewrite is called Canvas IGP which this is a mirror of. Thank you Andrew.

  • For best results use an image that's smaller than 200 pixels in either direction.
  • Reduce the amount of colours in your image to as few as possible, this increases ring count accuracy.
  • Only works in Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. If you're still using Internet Explorer... you should probably consider using one of the above mentioned internet browsers for a whole variety of reasons but the most important one currently being that you can't use this tool with IE.